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Since Shinhwa Company just released the new logo for their 16th Anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the meaning behind it.

Historically, each part of a coat of arms is chosen for a particular reason because every symbol has meaning behind it. The graphic designer who created Shinhwa’s coat of arms deserves a round of applause for giving them one with such deep meaning.

Even the way the colors change each year seems to have significance:

  • 2012: Red = Warrior/martyr, military strength and generosity
  • 2013: Orange = Worthy ambition
  • 2014: Black = Constancy (being faithful/dependable) or grief

The symbols of the coat of arms:

  • Phoenix Head = Resurrection
  • Star = Noble Person, Leadership, Excellence
  • Escutcheon (Shield) = Defense, Territorial Claim
  • Border on Shield = Augmentation of Honor
  • Double Swords = Justice and Military Honor
  • Knight = The Soul Guiding The Body, Man’s Journey Through Life
  • Wings = Swiftness and Protection
  • Cross = Faith, The Trinity (Unity)
  • Banner with Number (14, 15, 16) = Valiance of __ Years

Source: fleurdelis

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